Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A recent advertisement for Skippy Peanut Butter was released on TV through a commercial. The commercial included a mom and a child like most peanut butter advertisements have. This particular commercial has a mom and a son. It is morning time and the little boy is in their kitchen making himself a peanut butter sandwich.The mother walks down and is shocked to see her son making his own lunch. In the background, you can hear the school bus honking its horn. The mother yells with a kind voice, " It's time for school!". The little boy runs to the front door and right before he leaves, he turns and says to his mother, "There's a surprise for you in your purse". The little boy runs to catch the bus and the mother goes to open her purse. Inside her purse she finds a plastic bag with a peanut butter sandwich in it made by her son.You can tell how happy and proud the mother is just by the smile on her face.

I think this commercial is just so cute and it is hard not to smile after I watch it. The little boy in this commercial is absolutely adorable, which is weird for me to say since I don't particularly like kids. I would say that the appeals used in this commercial would be the need to nurture and aesthetic sensations.The mother has clearly loved the son and nurtured him. The mother seems so kind and caring just by her body language and the tone of her voice. The son seems to be very thankful for his mother and wants to show her how much he cares by making her a sandwich. The commercial appeals to mothers because it illustrates how happy the peanut butter makes kids. The commercial is very virtually appealing. The scene is set so perfectly. It is a bright sunny, warm morning before school, which is a typical time for people to make their sandwiches for lunch that day. The camera makes the commercial seem so realistic and feel like you're actually there. I think the commercial works pretty well. My mom buys Skippy Peanut Butter and I think it's so yummy. Also, the commercial stuck in my head cause it is just such a memorable moment for the mother and it is so cute.

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