Monday, April 11, 2011


I did a search in Madcat for a book with relevance to the topics "climate change" and Antarctica. There were only a few books that were offered, but from the choices, I found a book called Antarctic Ecosystems by Roberto Bargagli. 

The book was in the Biology Library in Birge Hall. Monday afternoon I found Birge Hall where I have never been and walked inside. I followed the arrows pointing to where the Biology Library was at. When I came to the end of the arrows, I wasn't quite sure where to go from there. After about 5 minutes of staring ahead of me at a large brown rectangle that said Exit and Caution When Opening, I decided to find out where this so called door would take me. I unexpectedly found the tiny Biology Library behind it. Instead of wasting time attempting to know where to find this book, I asked the librarian for help. She showed me exactly where it was and how to find it. Good thing I asked for help since the book was impossible for me to reach. From what I could see, the other books surrounding mine were all different kinds of ecosystems and environmental topics. I checked out Antarctic Ecosystems and hope that it will be some what useful to me. 

Bargagli, Roberto. Antarctic Ecosystems Environmental Contamination,   
        Climate Change, and Human Impact. 175. Siena, Italy: Springer- 
        Verlag,2005. Print.

Call Number: 2004110300

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