Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bitch Summary

In the piece, "Bitch" by Beverly Gross, the author defines the word bitch and states the many different ways it can be applied to women. I think Gross's main point is to prove that the word bitch can be used in many numerous occasions, most of the time to describe a malicious woman. Also, Gross states several times how males use the word to show their power over women. "Bitch, the curse and concept, exist to insure male potency and female submissiveness"(80). I think her evidence from the dictionary is very strong. It really makes a point and its interesting to see how dictionaries really define a curse word. In addition, I thought the real life examples really added to the article because it proves how people, even Barbara Bush, can use the word bitch.

I really enjoyed reading this piece. I thought it was funny and interesting. It's not everyday you read something professionally written that's titled "Bitch". I found it amusing how Gross made the point of what it meant in the past and what it means now. "In the old days a bitch was a harlot; nowadays she is likely to be a woman who won't put out"(80). I believe that this piece is convincing. It has very good points and connects all of them. I feel like most males would agree to this. This piece may be a little outdated, but not much. I think one main thing that is different, is how bitch is used a lot more frequently between females, sometimes to offend another woman or just something one friend calls another. I found it funny that one of Gross's students thought that the word "boss" was the male equivalent to bitch. Personally I think the male equivalent would have to be "dick". I wish more english articles that we read were like this. 

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